February 16, 2017

Crafting GIFs with EtsyStudio

As part of the announcement of Etsy’s brand new market for crafters, EtsyStudio, Andy Martin has created a series GIFs that capture the endless process of craft making. With hands in constant motion, creative materials move and loop endlessly reflecting the cyclical, almost addictive nature of creating. Each element has been painstakingly constructed, arranged, and stop-motion animated. The result is a satisfying set of looping vignettes that are displayed on Etsy’s new online platform, capturing the creative spirit and message of Etsy Studio.

Watch  the GIFs here

February 7, 2017

S/B Female Directors Join #FreeTheBid

Three of our directors, Anna Ginsburg, Jin Angdoo and Jordan Bruner, have recently been featured on Free the Bid – a campaign supporting the growth and success of women in advertising. Through pledges, ad agencies, brands and production companies are shouting for female directors to have greater participation in the industry from bidding through to directing.

Our women led team comprises over 40% female directors, meaning this campaign is a cause close to our hearts at Strange Beast.

November 30, 2016

All That Glitters Is Gold

Sean Pecknold has recreated that unforgettable  rite-of-passage, the school dance, in an upbeat and inventive music video ‘Gold Feeling’ for band Golden Suits. With a catchy song and most excellent moves to match, the video follows a dance performance by a young boy as he listens to a song on his tape recorder in an empty school dance hall. The music video also features backup dancers illuminated by a glittery gold background and a lone school janitor, adding a little bit of theatricality to the boy’s humble performance.

If you’re wanting to journey back and relive the awkwardness and insecurities of a school dance or if your on the look out for some new dance moves, check it out.

November 23, 2016

Video Du Jour

We’re very proud of our director, Axel Courtière who has won today’s Video Of The Day (VOTD) competition with his music video ‘Toi & Moi’ for band POOM, produced by our sister studio Passion Paris. Up against stiff competition, Axel’s music video was voted for by the public and won with an impressive score of 8.7, with design and execution being highly praised by voters. 

‘Toi & Moi’ was released earlier last week and was Axel’s second collaboration with POOM. Exploring the intimacy between a couple during their first sexual experience, Axel takes us on an intimate cosmic odyssey. From orbiting underwear to galaxies (and bodies) intertwining, it’s easy to see why Axel’s erotic-fantasy music video won today’s VOTD.

November 22, 2016

We Saw John First

Welcome Norwegian director, John Christian (known as I Saw John First) to the SB family! With an impressive portfolio of work, ranging from Ghost Culture music videos to Fiskemannen’s ‘Quickfish’ puppet animation, John’s stylized techniques are a welcome addition to our Soho-based studio. It is his extensive commercial and creative experience, as well as his versatility with techniques and mediums, that make I Saw John First an exciting asset to our team.

May 25, 2016

Hello Hillbelly

Years of craft, effort and patience have gone into the making of this new short film from Encyclopedia Pictura. What started off in 2007 as a throwaway idea from  Daren Rabinovitch, the story of Hillbelly emerged gradually, drawing in  Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch as their relationship grew.

A mix of matte painting, live action, animation, puppetry and more have gone into this cartoon made real. A true labour of love for the directors, the final short film is now ready to be seen.

Watch it here


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